Maple Grove Sod Farm

Selling sod in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. f you're looking for a quick way to go from dirt to green, we have you covered!
Info on our farm:
We're located in Southwestern Manitoba, and we offer delivery in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
-Mineral type sod.
-We practice a monthly program of fertilizing to keep our sod green and healthy.
-Its under frequent irrigation, so it always stays green and lush.
-It is weed free.
-We keep our grass mowed to approximately 1 1\2" - 2"

Sod vs. Seeding
-If you need an instant lawn, go from dirt to green in an instant. Seeding takes months to establish.
-Seed requires more maintenance than sod.
-Because seed takes so long to establish, weeds will mix in with the seed overtime. Our sod is grown weed free.

Contact us today to place an order or for more info!
Phone: 204-741-0974

Lauder, MB R0M 1C0